What Others are Saying about Mike and Mitzi Ministries
"It’s time for couples to be intentional and take steps that lead to experiencing God’s best in their marriage!  Mike and Mitzi have an uncanny knack for walking couples in that journey towards Jesus! 

I’ve seen the impact of Mike and Mitzi’s Ministry first hand in our church.  There are couples together today that wouldn’t be without their influence and investment.  There are couples plugged in and active in our church today that would be far from the Lord without this ministry.  God has used Mike & Mitzi to help, shape and sharpen countless marriages and I believe they’re just beginning.  I wholeheartedly recommend them to your church and can’t wait to see how God uses them in your church.”

Jordan Easley
Senior Pastor of Englewood Baptist Church in Jackson, Tennessee & author of the book, “Life Change”

“We are so excited to endorse Mike and Mitzi Seals in the launch of their marriage conference ministry.  They are “the real deal” kind of couple!  We have seen many marriage retreats as well as spoken at many others, but I have seen only a few that have the impact that the Seals have on couples.  They are honest and open with their story of God’s love and grace, and it in turn, provides an open door for others to be honest as well.

We would HIGHLY recommend that your church use the Seals to put on a marriage retreat once a year.  The key is not for this to be a one-time thing, but to do them yearly and the Seals are the ones that can lead that endeavor for you.  We are honored to call them our small group leaders as they are a source of encouragement personally in our life and ministry.” 

Jennifer and Brian Mills
Authors and Speakers

“I highly recommend your consideration of this ministry of Mike and Mitzi Seals for your church. Over the years, I have witnessed first hand their effectiveness in connecting and encouraging couples. I believe your people will be drawn to their genuine and humble spirit.”

Dr. Brent Lay, D. Min. 
Director of Pastoral Care of Englewood Baptist Church in Jackson, Tennessee